Our Collaborators


  • Empower-ED

    Empower-ED is an international education consulting firm that provides educational training and leadership support to international, public and charter schools, private schools, and education organizations. We provide tailored, on-site strategic assistance to improve learning outcomes for students and strengthen leadership. The ultimate goal is to assist schools and organizations in the acquisition of “capacity building” skills to develop sustained and long term improvement.


  • Host Nation Perspectives Southwest Asia

    Host Nation Perspectives Southwest Asia (HNPSWA), provides a host of products and services for businesses, non-government organizations (NGOs) and government customers interested in capacity building programs and commercial business opportunities in Southwest Asia.


  • Western Studies Institute

    The Western Studies Institute (WSI) is the premier center in the Arab World for the academic study of Western culture and society. WSI aims to build a cultural bridge to link people and institutions from the West and the Muslim world by finding solutions to global problems common to both. WSI seeks to achieve its objectives through exchange programs, educational programs and short courses & workshops in three broadly defined professional and academic areas: Business, Religion, and Law.